Just over a month ago, the Petrucci Quartet ended its tour of China - and finally, some photos (in this case maybe better serving than words)!

I am extremely thankful to everyone who made this tour possible; it was a real experience of life and its wonderfully diverse people, landscape, and culture. In the midst of all the various languages and backgrounds we individually brought into each concert hall, music was the one universal source of communication that made every concert a truly collective experience - and this is something none of us will forget. Thank you for hosting us - see you next time!!

Concert Tour

Petrucci Quartet begins its tour of China on August 2nd!  We will be traveling to 19 different cities in just under a month - bringing to each concert hall a program of Beethoven Op. 74, Dvorak ‘American’ Quartet, Ravel Quartet, and a Chinese folk song.  Please check the calendar for more details.